Quality & Outcome
For users enabling the Jira integration, Athenian now maps GitHub pull requests to the corresponding tickets to offer an additional series of insights. The new metrics are organized according to 3 main Engineering pillars.
  • Velocity:
    how long does it take to get comparable work done?
  • Quality:
    are our end users getting quality work?
  • Outcome:
    what work are we delivering?
In this section, you'll find the original quantitative analysis of your software delivery pipeline and metrics such as lead time for features, pull request cycle time, or release frequency. If your goal is to remove bottlnecks and accelerate throughput, this is where to be.
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The insights from the Quality section tell you about the reliability of your system. How many bugs in production have we faced this month? What is our Mean Time To Restore (MTTR) depending on the priority level?
This section also gathers leading indicators of good quality code - according to the best Engineering practices - such as smaller pull requests sizes or a high code review coverage.
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Finally, the Outcome section draws multiple pictures of the output work delivered by the team. Where have we spent our time on? How much work have been dedicated to bug fixing vs. tech debt vs adding new features? What features? Which topics have concentrated the team's attention during this cycle? Those questions can be answered with the data from the Outcome section.
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