Table of Epics
This week we are releasing a new table of Epics for accounts integrated with Jira. This view lets you appreciate the progress and effort on the new features your teams have been working on for a given time period. The powers of this table are multiple:
  • Improve communication by making the development of the new work transparent.
  • Detect features being stuck or paused by your engineering teams and for how much.
  • Give more visibility and predictability on the ETAs of your new features.
  • During retrospectives, identify the reasons why a final delivery has been delayed.
  • Highlight potential flaws in product development workflows.
Screenshot from 2021-03-15 17-03-57
The table also offers metrics for each epic, answering questions such as:
  • What is the progress of each feature?
  • What is the Lead Time of a specific feature?
  • What is the size of this feature in terms of issues and pull requests.
The Epic table becomes really useful when you structure your product development around epics and group tasks under those entities. Only then, you can have a fine-grained view of your features by expanding epics analyzing their corresponding issues.
Screenshot from 2021-03-15 17-12-15